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13th-Jun-2012 10:55 pm - Happy Tree Friends; weird
Teenage Fun

Today I watched the whole season of Happy Tree Friends on netflix. I was a little taken back, thinking this was going to be like south park, a little raunchy, but not so bad... lol Then I'm only a few minutes in, and one of the cute and cuddly cartoons is being ripped to shreds and blood is everywhere. I don't know what the creators of this cartoon were thinking, but man they were warped.

Which is why I continued to watch the remaining 15 episodes... I would have watched more if anymore seasons had been made, but I think they were taken off the air before a second season. I can't see it being a really big hit with the late night tv circuit.

I really didn't do much else besides clean house today and finish my questions for interviews and had them sent off, already gotten them back too... so should be writing up my next issue with Make Me Plush by Friday, and perhaps planning issue 003's layout and features.

12th-Jun-2012 10:19 pm - Awesomecraptastica!!!

Yes, finally... I have finished the first Issue of Make Me Plush, hopefully the first of many... but I finished the first Issue. It has taken me ages to get the blogspot layout to look the way I wanted to... pretty much recoded everything. Now, i'm officially happy with it and can leave it alone. Now I have to sit down and work on the questions for my interview with CSC owner, Leah Jergens for next week's issue.

In other news, not much going on... counting down the days til my lil munchkin's birthday, so I have an excuse to make cupcakes and divulge in some ice cream. Tonight's dinner was something my sister in law made, Shepherd's Pie... with potatoes, bell peppers, onions, hamburger, corn, and green beans. It was okay, not something I was crazy about...

Maybe I'll just have to revamp her recipe... Also, we tried wheat flake dinner rolls... bleh! So gross, or maybe she didn't cook them enough... but they were soooo soft, made me think they weren't done and doughy. That pretty much sums up my day...

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