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16th-Jun-2012 08:55 pm - Yayness!
So I'm pretty excited, I have been working my butt off on my blogazine, Make Me Plush.blogspot.com and I have accumulated and started two new Issues! Issue 2 was put up earlier this week, Issue 3 will be up by Friday. Then Issue 4 won't be up until July. I'm going to try and space Issues out, so that it doesn't become mundane. I'll try to talk about other topics and such between those spans of time where Issues are being worked on.

But, having said that... I'm super excited about the next coming Issues. Not only do I have some awesome youtubers to feature, but I also have some awesome interviews with some of my favorites on Etsy and tumblr. These are ladies who either create plus size clothing or are plus positive people who are into fashion! I'm happy, I have so many people saying yes to the interviews and being all around awesome people. So here's to hoping that the blogazine becomes a hit, and stays true to the plus size community!
15th-Jun-2012 05:05 pm - Cleaning Day
Pretty blah day today, did a lot of house cleaning and laundry. I managed to even get our bedding washed a day earlier than I normally do. On a good week, I get to wash our bedding on Friday's. The hubby even brought me home a coke!!! Score!!! I haven't had caffeine all week, so yum caffeine and artificial goodness! I needed it with how crazy Munchkin has been acting, the terrible 2's have hit her early and she is showing them full force by not listening and all around being rotten.

But on a plus side, she is interested in going to the bathroom now. When she pees in her pullup now, she removes it... glad it doesn't happen when she poops or we'd have a huge mess :( . She has also been running to the potty once her pullup is off and sitting on the toilet, granted, it's just to play with the toilet paper and put it in the potty.

Today we also go one of her birthday gifts in the mail, a toddler slide/swing set, from my family up north. Can't wait for her birthday next sunday!!!!
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